Items You Can Buy Used to Save Money

The month of December is one that sets many families’ funds backwards.  December is one of the big months for holidays.  Falling smack in between November and January, many families are unsure how they’ll save enough money to be able to celebrate properly.  They are also unsure about how they’ll come out of the three month holiday stretch with enough money to pay off beginning of the year bills.

Why worry about whether you and your family will have enough to celebrate the holidays then pay bills?  There’s an easy way to save money so you don’t have to worry about it. One-way is buying used the items that you normally would buy new.

One of the most popular items to buy new are video game consoles and their accompanying games. Once again they’ve become in demand with the recent releases of the PS4, Xbox One, WiiU and 2DS.  Since they’re new systems, the prices for the systems and the games are high.  The following examples use $ since I am an American.  The PS4 system will set you back $399.99 and a game will set you back $59.99.  Looking at these prices you’re probably screaming internally and wondering how you can afford the system and a game.  At the moment, they’re only selling new consoles so what can you do? Is there any way that you can save some money, any money?  How about buying a video game for the system used.  At the moment, a used PS4 game costs $54.99 and the price is looking to keep on dropping.

Another popular item to buy new that will often break your funding are DVDS.  On the day a DVD is released, it first costs $19.99.  You’re especially looking to be set back further if you want more than one new movie. Why not buy a used DVD instead?  Depending on the place you shop at for your DVD’s, a DVD can cost you anywhere from a few dollars to maybe ten dollars.  Instead of buying $19.99 on one DVD, you can instead buy several.

The last item you should consider buying used are clothes.  So your child wants a new sweater that will cost you $20.00 and you buy it as a Christmas present. You wrap it up and place it under the tree to be opened later.  On Christmas Day, they open it and you find out it doesn’t fit them.  Instead of spending $20.00 on a new sweater that your child couldn’t wear, you should buy it used.  Buying clothes used means your funds are only set back by a few dollars if your child can’t wear something.  Compare this figure to the 20.00 or more dollars spent on new clothes.

If you buy used instead of new, you look forward to saving several dollars on a purchase. Buy something used instead of new, every month then you are looking forward to saving several hundred dollars by the end of the next year.