De-Clutter to Make Money

Do you know what a “two-for” is? It’s when you get “two-for-one,” and that’s what you get when you turn your unused belongings into cash. By taking stuff you no longer need and converting it into sweet dollar bills, you have more space where you live and less space in your wallet – because it’s full of money.

  • First, identify items you will never use. So you lost your iPod, then replaced it, then found the one you lost? That’s good to sell. The fancy food processor your mom gave you last December? That’s great, too. Take a simple inventory of your possessions (that means look around the house) and see what jumps out at you. We’d wager that you find at least three things worth selling. Start with a few pieces that have real value.
  • Do you know how to sell on Ebay? If so, great! If not, you should learn. It’s easy and you may need that skill someday… but not today. We’re going to recommend that you search Ebay to find the right dollar value and description for the items you want to sell, and that you actually sell your stuff locally.
  • So, let’s say you have a pair tap shoes you wore once before changing your mind about professional tapping. You paid $60.00. Research ”tap shoes” on Ebay and when you find something similar (possibly an exact match), voila! You’ve determined that used tap shoes sell for $20.00…plus shipping.
  • Here’s the great part. You’re not going to charge shipping because you’re not going to ship. Instead, you’re going to sell your tap shoes locally, via a website like Craigslist or a local forum or social media page for your neighborhood or group contacts (hello… other tap dancers?).
  • Look for “online garage sale” or a similar link and be sure to find a safe venue for selling. You may even find that posting to your own social media site and making your friends aware you have a an on-line sale going is enough. You probably know other people who think they want to tap dance, and there’s no shipping involved. You may even be able to barter an exchange for something you need.
  • Alternatively, have your own “brick and mortar” garage sale… or yard sale or trunk sale, even. Worried you don’t have enough stuff to sell or that your location doesn’t get enough traffic? Offer to pair with a friend. Look around for large items that will attract attention, including old sports or exercise equipment and furniture.
  • For extra fun and cash, make lemonade and cookies and sell them for a buck or so each. People will love this special touch and linger longer to buy more of your castaways, for cash. Remember to advertise and remove the signs when it’s over.

Get in the habit of de-cluttering for cash and remember that for every single thing you get rid of, you’re making room for something new – money in your pocket!

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