Top 10 Groupon Like Sites

Your kids are bored and you’re looking for something that you can do with them. You’ve already seen the latest Disney movie and you really don’t want to go again.  Everything is also so expensive and you’re on a tight budget. So what can you do? Why not look for deals online, there are many sites that you can use to have fun with your kids but still save money.

Living Social: Livingsocial is the second largest deal site after Groupon.  Like Groupon, Livingsocial allows you to search for deals locally.  You can search for deals on items like hotel stays and restaurant meals.

Sweet Jack: Sweet Jack is a deal site started between the radio stations Clear Channel and Cumulus. As a result of this, the deals are very wide reaching.

Amazon Local: Like Groupon and Livingsocial, Amazon local allows you to search for deals locally. Unlike Groupon and Livingsocial, Amazon runs Amazon local. As a result, you can also find deals on items being sold through Amazon. At the time of this writing, a coupon was being offered for half off select Kindle Accessories.

Plum District: Plum District is the leading deal site for family deals. You can find a lot of good deals for entertainment you can do with the whole family.  Deals include entertainment you can do with the family like eating out at restaurants.

Fam Grab: Fam Grab is a deal site that specializes in family deals. The site is joined with Plum District so many of the deals that can be found on Plum District can be found here.

CBS Local: CBS Local is a deal site run by CBS. The deals are joined with CBS properties in the participating cities.  Deals can be found both locally and nationally since the site is run by CBS and is joined with CBS properties.

Gilt City: Gilt City is a deal site, which focuses on deals to upscale establishments. Participating cities include San Francisco and Washington D.C. Some deals include savings on massages and upscale dining establishments.

Scoutmob: Originally started as a mobile app, Scoutmob expanded to offering local deals.  It has now expanded to offering deals at the national level. Deals that are offered include items such as jewelry, and clothes.

Woot: Unlike the other deal sites listed, Woot is not a deal site for entertainment or restaurants. It is a deal site for name brand goods that you can buy and use.  Some of the things Woot contains deals for include home goods like vacuums and kids toys.

TravelZoo: Travel zoo is a deal site for travelers. If you want to save on anything from flights to entertainment while you are on vacation or business then Travel zoo is the deal site for you.

The sites listed above are ten Groupon like deal sites that you can use to save money and still have fun with your kids.

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