Top 10 One-Day (Flash) Deal Sites

That new dress you want in the store window is going to cost you $100.00. Between supporting your family and going back to school, can you afford that? If you deal site shop online, you can afford that dress.  Just go to the following sites and see how you can afford that dress.

Woot: Woot is a deal site for name brand goods that you can buy and use.  Some of the things Woot contains deals for include home goods.  One deal is offered everyday at 12 noon.

Kids.woot: Kids.woot is a sub website of Woot. Kids.woot is the place to look for if you are looking for deals on kid items like clothes and furniture. At the time of this writing, Kids woot was offering a deal on a Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair for $44.99.

That daily deal: That daily deal is a deal site where a new deal is offered everyday. Deals extend from a new tarp to new clothes. Deals from the previous seven days can be seen and ordered as long as they are not sold out.

Deals For Schools: Deals for schools is not a standard deal website. Like standard deal websites, there are deals offered from many big retailers. Unlike the standard websites, your favorite school can receive up to 30% cash from the deals you make.

1saleaday:1sale is a deal site, which offers five deals at midnight everyday. The deals on the site last until midnight the next day or until they are all bought out.

Steep and Cheap: Steep and cheap is a deal site, which offers one deal at 12-noon everyday. The deals are on items, which are used, in an active, outdoor lifestyle. Deals include outdoor watches and hiking boots.

ThingFling: ThingFling is a great and easy deal site to use. A new deal is offered at 12:00 noon everyday. Move quickly though if you want to buy something because the deals are so great that they go fast.

Yugster: Yugster is a great deal site to use. Just read the reviews on the website under each deal. It is very easy and clear to navigate. One deal is made at 6:00 am everyday.

Daily Steals: Daily steals is a deal site, which offers up one deal at 12-noon everyday. The site is very easy to navigate. There is a bar that shows the daily deal and past daily deals. Clicking on the picture of the deal expands a break down of the item and the exact deal.

Price Plunge: Price Plunge is a deal site, which offers one deal at midnight every night. The site is easy to navigate and buy from. There is one deal offered a day and there is a sidebar where you can comparison-shop the item that is being offered as the deal.

If you go to the above deal sites and shop you can afford anything you want. Don’t worry about dropping unneeded money; deal shopping will actually save you money.

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