10 tips to save when shopping online

So the Christmas season is now over and you’ve been given gift cards. To cut down on the stress of dealing with the after Holiday rush, you’ve decided to shop online. Before you shop online, there are 10 tips you need to know to help you save when you shop online.

Be ready to shop around

Just because you know what you want to buy, doesn’t mean you should buy it right away.  Before you buy, you should shop around.  Shopping around from Website to Website will allow you to compare prices and find the best one. For example, take the buying of a new TV. You look at Best Buy and it costs $500.00 to buy.  Then you look at Amazon and it costs $400.00.  If you didn’t shop around, you would never have found the better deal through Amazon.

Search online for coupon codes

If you go shopping and want to save money, you bring coupons with you that you can use. Why should Internet shopping be any different? Just like coupons for physical shopping, you can use coupons for online shopping.  Instead of printing out the coupons, you type the coupon information into the website where you want to save money.

Know whom you’re buying from

If you have kids, then you know how important Internet safety is for your children. Why should you act any differently on the Internet? If you preach about being safe on the Internet, then you should practice it to.  Make sure you know whom you’re buying from before you buy.

Write a list

Why not use a shopping list when you shop online.  A shopping list will help you keep track of exactly what you need to buy online. It will also help keep track of what you’ve bought.

Know your money limits

Before going to the store, people often check their bank accounts. Checking the bank accounts, allows people to know how much they have to actually spend. It will also allow you to prevent an accidental overdrawing of your accounts.

Remember shipping costs

Unlike physical shopping, shopping online will add costs. Remember to take the shipping costs into account before you buy something. Depending on the item, shipping costs can add anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars onto your shopping trip.

Read Product Review

Since you are shopping online, you will be unable to touch the products you want to buy. As a result, make good use of the product reviews. Product reviews will allow you to judge the condition of a product before you buy it.

Ask for help if you need it

If you are unsure of how to shop online, never be afraid to ask for help. Whether you ask for help from a family member or from the person who owns the site, don’t be afraid. Everyone needs help one time or another.

Never give out your social security number

Never give out your social security number if anyone asks you.  If you are shopping on a website and someone asks for your social security number, then it is not a legitimate site. A legitimate seller will never ask for or need your social security number to process your transaction.

Whenever you shop online, please remember these ten tips. Remembering these ten tips will allow you to save when you shop online. These tips will also keep you safe.

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