Top 10 legit sites to make money with online surveys

Marketing is a crucial part of business. By targeting products at the right people, they cut advertising costs and increase their sales. In this era of media, business pay people for giving their opinions. Since surveying involves focusing on different people, giving opinions needs not special qualifications. One only needs to be him or herself. To participate in online surveys for cash is not a hustle. One only needs to sign up and wait for survey alerts.

The following are 10 legit sites that can earn one money with online surveying.

1)   Vindale Research – Vindale research pays cash for product reviews and participating in online surveys. Vindale allow one to share his or her opinion. A participant may receive up to $75 for each survey done and be given the option of keeping the products reviewed.

2)   Surveyspot – This site pays in cash in the form of checks. It sends numerous surveys. Many times they send non paid surveys. A participant gets in special drawings for cash rewards. The more about free surveys, one participates in the more paid surveys offers one gets. They only allow for one member per household.

3)   Surveysavvy – This is one earliest paying survey sites. Its payments are in the form of checks. Compared to other sites, it does not send many surveys. There are not many complaints about this site so it is highly recommendable.

4)   Toluna – Formerly Your2cents, this site is incredible for users. They are very fast in making payments and send a good number of surveys with very fair compensation. This site also has other tasks which also pay.

5)   Valuedopinions – This site guarantees many surveys. They pay in various ways. For example, they pay in electronic gift cards often in Amazon gift cards. This form of payment is instant. They only allow one account per person.

6)   HarrissPolls – This is a premier site. The research they do is highly respected and often cited. Compensation is made in points and the number of points per survey is generous. The rewards range of prizes, entry to sweepstakes and gift cards.

7)   Zoompanel – The potential to earn rewards quickly is high. They normally send several invitations weekly. They have a wide range of rewards; latest movies and books, appliances, electronics, home décor, Jewellery , charitable donations and many more.

8)   Opinion Outpost – This site pays in points rewards for each survey done. One can cash in for the sweepstakes, cash or instant win opportunities. They also chances to participate in free product testing.

9)   MyPoints – This site rewards people for signing up for offers, taking surveys and mail reading. They reward by giving points which are in turn used to obtain gift cards annually.

10)  Cash crate – This allows for free membership. They also accept members from all over the globe. This site pays in cash via Paypal within two weeks of earning money. Cash payments vary depending on complexity of the individual surveys.

Online survey cannot be relied upon as a main source of income. It is a way of earning a little income or gifts on the side.

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