Top 10 sites for sweepstakes


Have you seen the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes commercials but you’re unsure how to get started? Have you wanted to enter a sweepstake but you’re not sure how?  Well why not take a look at the sweepstakes sites listed below. They’ll help you find that Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstake you want to enter. Either that or you can find other sweepstakes you may be entering.

Contest Bee: Contest Bee is one of the top contest sites with some of the largest prizes listed. Contests are sorted by prizes you can win or by the type of contest you can enter.

Contest For Moms: Contest for moms is actually not just a contest site for moms. Though moms are in the name, there is actually a lot more offered than just sweepstakes geared toward moms. Though there are sweepstakes where a mom could use the prizes, there are also money sweepstakes for anyone.

ContestAlley: Contest Alley is a sweepstake-listing site. It has been around for over 10 years and has over 50,000 subscribers.  Contests listed include daily contests and instant win contests.

Sweepstakes Advantage: Sweepstakes Advantage is a sweepstakes directory. However, the site has more than just sweepstakes and contests to enter. There are also forums for people to post about sweepstakes and ask for advice while entering them.  You can also find more sweepstakes through the forums.

Sweepstakes Today: Sweepstakes Today is a listing website of sweepstakes from across the Internet.  The front page of the site features the top sweepstakes. If you are looking for more sweepstakes then use the easy to use search feature.

HFMUS Sweepstakes: HFMUS Sweepstakes was created by the publishing company, which owns the websites,, and This site takes all of the sweepstakes from its popular websites and organizes them into one site.  The site is very well organized.

Online-Sweepstakes: Online-sweepstakes is a sweepstake listing websites.  All of the sweepstakes listed through the website are legitimate sweepstakes from across the Internet. All you have to do is fill out entry forms for the sweepstakes.

ContestHound: Contesthound is a sweepstake listing sites. There are many different sweepstakes listed through the website. Some of the sweepstakes listed include trivia contests, instant win contests and surveys. There is also a category for sweepstakes, which can be entered through Facebook.

Hypersweep: Hypersweep is a sweepstake contest-listing site. The sweepstakes and contests are updated daily.  Even better, there are no ads on the site.  At the moment, the total amount of prizes is worth almost $200 million. is a website which has articles about many different topics. The topics written by many different writers cover many different areas. Some of the articles include sweepstakes. The articles about sweepstakes, located here are kept up to date. There is also information about how to successfully enter sweepstakes.

Before you enter any sweepstakes through the sites listed above, remember that you should not have to pay to enter a sweepstake.

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